Your teacher has decided to get your classroom involved in the Super Savers Program. The program will help you and your family learn how to save energy and water at home.

The Super Savers Program was created to teach you easy ways to save energy. The Program follows along with what your teacher is already teaching in the classroom, so it will be easy to follow and understand.

Everyone can learn to save energy at home! Saving energy will help your family save money too.

You will be given a Super Savers Kit by your teacher, which includes energy and water-saving products. You can install the products with your parents and complete the homework assignments. The Student Workbook explains what to do. When you return the completed workbook, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement!

To learn how to use the items provided in the Super Savers Kit, visit the Kit Items page and watch or print the instructions.

Sorry, only one kit is available to each student.

Have your parent visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website for instructions on how to clean up a broken CFL.