Use your Super Savers Kit items now for instant energy savings.

Your kit is packed with products that will help you save energy and money. Inside the kit is a Parent Pack with a Quick Start Guide that offers tips for even more savings. If you need help installing the items in your kit, simply click to view installation videos or print the installation instructions below.

High-Efficiency Showerhead

Shower yourself with both water and energy savings. Enjoy the benefits of both water and energy savings. Toss out that old, leaky, water-wasting showerhead and turn your shower into a money saving machine! The High-Efficiency Showerhead adds pressure and oxygen so you use less water and less energy to heat the water. The average family can save 2,900 gallons of heated water per year.


Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Aerator

Go with the flow and flip on the savings. The Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Aerators are a must-have. For the Kitchen Faucet Aerator, choose between spray or stream and adjust the flow with the flip control. Every energy-efficient kitchen and bathroom needs one! These high-efficiency Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Aerators save water, energy and money.


Digital Thermometer

Test the temperature and take control of your savings. The Digital Thermometer is a complete multifunction tool. Use it to check for leaky windows and doors, check the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer, or check the settings on your water heater.


9-Watt LED Light Bulb*

It’s more than just a new light bulb. It’s an energy saving power house. The 9-watt Omni-Directional LED Light Bulbs provided in the energy-saving kit use at least 75 percent less electricity and last about 25 times longer than many incandescent bulbs. That’s 25,000 hours or more! Replace your most used 60-watt incandescent bulbs with the 9-watt LEDs. As always, these LEDs are ENERGY STAR certified.


Shower Timer

Become empowered while you shower. The Shower Timer will empower you to conserve water and energy while in the shower. Set to exactly five minutes, this great water-saving device encourages the wise use of water. Simply rotate the shower timer half a turn when you begin your shower, and turn off the shower when the sand runs out.


*In areas that are not served by ComEd, the kit will not include lighting.